Anna Key

Anna Key– The Anarchist of Jungle, Her name is so relevant to the style of music she produces and mixes, pushing the boundaries of Jungle. This is so evident in her most recent work as a producer, with tracks like Disturbia, Decentus, Unspoken Words, War Cry, Trippy Disco and Damaged Wires.

She started producing as a solo artist in 2020 and already had her debut track “Unspoken Words” feature on BBC Radio earlier in 2020. She has appeared on Rough Tempo, Dose Radio and has landed her own show on The DJ’s Bible.

Anna Key has a unique style of mixing, usually following a very dark, sadistic and heavy sound through her track selection. She gets her inspiration from legends in the scene like Mampi Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie, Adam F, LTJ Bukem and Micky Finn.

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