DJ Emz

DJ Emz is known for her varied, full spectrum and dynamic style. Starting out on vinyl in 2007 she honed her mixing skills and is a selector at heart. A versatile DJ who always tailors the set to the event, taking ravers on a journey! All about the long blends, bass and selection! She has supported events across the UK from Technique Takeover, Submerged, Next Hype, Stilla Audio, Sub-liminal, Diffusion, Total Dub and Flow to name a few.

Playing Internationally as part of Cre8dnb for Mutant Madness (Belgium), Void (Belgium), Snowbang Festival (France) and Audio Kush (Amsterdam). In 2019 she performed for Konkrete Jungle (New York) which was a highlight of her DJing adventure. Emz has held down a radio show with her partner in crime DJ RSA on Cre8dnb and they have guested on Kemet FM & more.

There is plenty more to come from Emz with her focusing on production, taking the time to find her own sound and using experimental processes, the passion keeps flowing!

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