That passion identified by underground music that began in 1996 In the extinct  Over Night club in São Paulo, she soon became interested in being that person  who changed the discs in the cabin.  

Since his first gig in 2002, as Dj Fabi, in the Black Knight nightclub In Mogi das  Cruzes, going through the Groove Attack and Invader System projects that they  held electronic music parties in the Paraíba Valley – in São Paulo, the E-Music  project of Dj Marquinhos Espinosa in Campo Grande, and so many others  projects in several cities of the country, such as the parties D.I.B., Forbass &  Tendence, Sunday Loko, Respect & Darkultura, Dnb Edition, CTRL and Dj Marky  & Session.  

In May 2020, Fabz was one of the winners of the Critical Sound Competition of  the Label Critical Music, one of the great labels of today’s Drum & Bass scene  Worldwide, and had its mix presented on the Critical Sound Program at Rinse  FM UK, together with the artist Enei.  

Also in 2020 Fabz was nominated to participate in the Top 100 Djanes Brazil  contest from the electronic magazine Djane Mag Brasil, which elects the 100 in  popular vote Best DJs in Brazil. In addition to staying in 72 places, Fabz was  highlight of the Year as Best Dj Drum and Bass for its unique work developed in  a scenario male predominant.  

In 2021 Fabz participated again in the Top 100 Djanes Brasil contest and rose 13  positions with the popular vote, reaching the 59th position in the ranking.  Fabz is also part of the collective DNB Edition that promotes the national Drum &  Bass scene, through lives on the Twitch platform – twitch.tv/dnbedition, and  monthly parties in some places in the city of Sao Paulo.

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