DJ Fabz

Fabz is currently one of the few female DJs active in the Drum and Bass  scene in Brazil, and a major reference in the city of Sao Paulo.  She started her journey as a DJ in 2002, influenced by big national names like  Marky, Andy and Patife. 

Since then, Fabz has played in several projects around the country, such as  Project E-Music, D.I.B., Forbass & Tendence, Sunday Loko, Respect &  Darkultura, Dnb Edition, CTRL and Dj Marky & Session.  

For her passion for Drum and Bass and looking for new contacts and  information, Fabz has been to big parties in London and festivals like Sun and  Bass and Hospitality on the Beach.  

In April of this year Fabz participated in the Critical Sound Competition of the  Critical Music label, being announced one of the winners in the May edition of  the Critical Sound program at Rinse FM UK, with a half hour mix presented by  Enei. 

Fabz, has a cheerful and dancing style in her sets, mixing strands of  drum’n’bass. 

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