Fedi Minikin

In 2011, Fedi entered the world of electronic music and went to her very first Dubstep rave. Ever since, she had big respect for people that make it all happen – DJs, Producers and Promoters. Somehow she found her way into drum and bass and after a few years joined the biggest dnb crew in her home country – Trident as a promoter.

After she left SK and decided to live in the UK for a while, she taught herself to mix in her bedroom. After a couple of months she got her first gig. She played gigs in countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and the UK. In her mixes you can hear deep techy & stompy sound with occasional liquid vibe.

Lately she got herself into music production, where she’s been learning from the producer Arkoze all those basics. They have a couple tunes done already and are currently working on the EP as well as they started their 6weekly mix series ‘Deep Within’.

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