Stephanie Nicholson, better known as Gremlun, is a DJ from Edmonton who has a burning passion for the deep and dark 140 soundscape. A member of the Umbral Sound System crew, she has great respect for reggae dub, sound system culture, pirate radio and the early 2000’s era of dubstep. Focusing on low end, grungy bass fuelled with UK Grime, Gremlun aims to bring the room together by welcoming the strangest version of herself. She is motivated to give you a high energy experience that will get your body moving. 

Gremlun has always had a strong connection with music and dance is therapy for her. From a young age she was a hip hop dancer training at Edmonton’s 3rd Street Beat and performing at competitions such as Artists Emerge and many more. Movement is her roots and the stage is her home. Shortly after leaving the competitions behind, she found herself at Astral Harvest Music Festival. From there everything changed and she was instantly hooked on bass music and the community that comes along with it. Gremlun began DJing in 2016 and had her 1st performance as soon as she learnt how to mix and blend. Since then, she has played at many local events/ festivals and is very grateful for all her opportunities to share the music she resonates with. You can catch Gremlun hosting and curating Umbral’s monthly mix series, broadcasting live on Sub FM (every 4th Sunday of the month, 4-6PM MST). 

She believes that we all have ghouls, ghosts & goblins living within us, torturing us, giving us crippling self doubt, making us feel unworthy. Pulling those thought patterns out of her, dubstep gives her a space where she feels empowered and stronger than ever. Gremlun invites you to melt down into the low end frequencies with her, leaving your demons at the door.

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