Karina Ramage

Starting off as a small time busker, Karina is a singer songwriter who’s always had a love for writing. Having grown up in France with British parents, she came to London to meet musicians, study music and work on my music career.Thanks to street performing she’s played many shows in and around London (The Garage, The Scala, Proud are some of my personal favourites!) 

She was discovered by Hospital Records label manager Chris Goss while busking on the Southbank. After getting in touch and being offered a session with one of their newly signed artists (Krakota), her drum and bass career began to flourish through word of mouth and from the reach that the label has had in Drum and Bass. 

Her collaborations have been played at Liquicity Festival, Hospitality In the Park, Hospitality on the Beach, Let It Roll, as well as on BBC Radio One Annie Mac and Stephen Hu on a few occasions. 

Her love for drum and bass has made it easy for it to become a growing avenue for her passion as a songwriter. She continues to collaborate with other producers and grow her name as a drum and bass session vocalist.

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