Majix is a Southampton (UK) based drum and bass DJ who grew up in a small Hampshire village and has lived in various other locations across the UK.

Majix grew up playing classical instruments and unearthed her love electronic music at a young age.  Growing up listening to many different genres she started listening to electronic music, particularly trance through the late 90’s early 2000’s.  It was during the early 2000’s she discovered drum and bass around the age of 13, listening to likes of High Contrast, Chase and Status, Pendulum, SHY FX, Congo Natty and more, she fell in love with drum and bass and the drum and bass scene and soon discovered her love for liquid drum and bass at the age of 16 after hearing Netsky’s Memory Lane.

After spending years attending club nights local to her at bars such as Sub 89, Bang Bar and Poison, Hospital Records and RAM Records events, and underground raves both locally and further afield she would always leave in awe of the seamless blends and doubles she had heard. 

Since then her taste in drum and bass and sub genres of drum and bass widened and varied greatly, only allowing her love for drum and bass to grow deeper and stronger.  Being heavily influenced by the many drum and bass artists such as Monrroe, Monty, Amoss, Halogenix, Workforce, QZB Particle, Klinical and more, she has discovered and idolised over the years, she desperately wanted to be able to create the musical magic herself and had owned decks a number of times from the age of 18 – unfortunately at this time she had no idea where to start and didn’t learn to mix until early 2020 at the age of 25.

It was during this time at the beginning of the nationwide UK lockdown she began feeling as though she finally had the time to learn to mix and hit the decks teaching herself quite quickly.  Having received praise from friends who have both mixed and produced for many years she became confident, bursting with passion and felt for the first time in her life she had found something she really wanted and enjoyed.

Her most notable achievements in the industry to date are becoming a resident for the all-female drum and bass label Limitless DNB in January 2021, having been selected by the notorious Sub Zero as one of the top 10 DJ’s in a blends competition run by Dazed Promotions, making her debut on RoughTempo radio alongside her close friends Jammerz and Keyman and DJ’ing in the Cage at The Cause in Tottenham.

Now bringing you a mixture of drum and bass subgenres she hopes to continue to bring the musical ‘Majix’, and has also recently began to produce drum and bass with the intention to branch out and experiment with other genres.

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