Kat Dudinsky (known professionally through her production alias Nvrsoft) is about to make one of her most definitive career moves to date. After coming under the guise of Shimon, the label head of UK based AudioPorn Records as well as a producer who’s shaped the contemporary drum & bass scene, the Washington DC based DJ/producer, has quickly risen amongst her counterparts whilst delivering her first cut through Audioporn’s ’10 years of Audioporn Records’ compilation. Half-time stomper ‘Small Talk’ may have been fans first introduction to the producer, but she’d already began to make her presence felt through a variety of releases which have showcased her style as an artist committed to diversity. Hitting the back catalogues of imprints such as Saturate!, Stripped and The Gradient Perspective, she’s building a discography which she’s about to add to with her biggest body of work to date.
Aside from her music, it’s her vivacious club performances, which has caught the attention of many drum & bass listeners in the US. Through her warm up sets for the likes of Calyx & Teebee, Metrik, Benny L, Friction, Aphrodite, Andy C and other high-ranking drum & bass stalwarts, she’s a notable figure on the live circuit, including having performed on dates on the infamous World of Drum and Bass.
Her forthcoming EP is a testament to what Nvrsoft is capable of and under the guidance of Shimon she’s about to climb a pedestal which will see international attention turn her way. Although the beginning of 2019 now set a precedent, with Nvrsoft becoming the first US woman to grace the decks at London’s seminal nightclub Fabric. This wasn’t just a statement for the club, but also for the wider music scene, demonstrating how pivotal figures like Nvrsoft are slowly turning the tide throughout dance music, with the help and mentorship of its most esteemed figureheads.
Nvrsoft will be making her next international appearances in May at Imagination Land in the Netherlands, as well as the world-renowned Tribal Gathering in Panama.  With brand-new music, featuring an array of bass music subgenres and a production level which establishes how much time she’s spent locked down perfecting her craft, Nvrsoft is representative of what can be achieved with hard-graft amongst a rejection of the status quo. With Audioporn now standing as a platform for the newcomer producer, her scope is only going to widen, and her influence is about to become more resounding. Even at such a young age, she’s made historic moves, and this is going to continue with her level of determination; a level which is intimidating for even the most veteran figure. Awesome.

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