Tori aka Vessel is a Drum and Bass DJ based in Bedfordshire but you are sure to find her in all corners of the country. She brings sounds that take you on a journey, from dark rolling beats down to the depths of the jungle. With the biggest sources of inspiration being artists like Alix Perez, QZB, Break, and S.P.Y.

Only a year into her musical journey, Vessel has no intention of slowing the momentum down. Keep your eyes peeled at her residency on multigene platform: the Lower Sector; making noise in the UKs underground scene. Her versatile style is sure to cause chaos for any crowd. 

2022 shows promise for this fresh DJ, with focus to home in on her production skills and meet more like-minded people. She believes that we are all here to celebrate a shared love for DnB and to inspire that feeling in as many people as we can.

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