Waves started listening to drum and bass in 2016 (first labels: eatbrain, liquicity, V-recordings).
Her whole life she always felt like being „the odd one out“ and with drum and bass and the whole community she finally found a place which felt like home. She met a lot of likeminded people and some of them even became soulfamily.

In 2020 when the whole lockdown began and raves were forbidden, Waves had a hard time coping with the whole situation. Her and her boyfriend bought a DDJ-400 controller, started learning how to DJ and had the time of their lives. She discovered that DJing not only was a fun hobby, but a passion. After 6 months of saving money, they finally were able to afford 3 proper CDJ‘s with a mixer. Waves‘ vibes the most with deep and rolling drum and bass, liquid and jungle. Those are also the subgenres she focuses on when playing. Her favourite record labels are 1985 music, DIVIDID, Critical Sound and Born on Road. Waves‘ biggest influences and idols are Alix Perez and IMANU.

The reason why she chose the name „Waves“ is because she has always felt extremely connected with everything around her and by going with the flow like waves do, letting hurricanes come and go and listening to the universe’s whispers in the wind, the rain and the world around her she will always find her way.

“My biggest dream is to reach and move people with my music, to put my pieces of art in the world and help someone to cope just like drum and bass helped me cope when I felt lost. I want to play crazy venues and make people dance and feel connected to the music. And even if I make the day of just one single person a tiny bit better – That means success to me.“

Waves started producing 6 months ago and is currently working hard, learning and practicing to get better and better and to start releasing her own tracks – Keep an eye out for what‘s to come in the future!

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