Yorobi (real name Josje Bijl) is an Amsterdam based dj & producer who started out dj-ing in the 1999 after getting introduced to a pirate radio station (Nautic Radio Groningen) in her home town of Groningen.

Yorobi got her own show at the local pirate station and the shows focused strongly on Drum and Bass, Hip Hop & Electro, inviting guests from all over town and occasionally hosting the odd internationally known dj. She debuted as a dj in the basement of Vera (a club in Groningen). After that she played all over the country alongside local and internationally known dj’s (such as Flight, The Upbeats, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Grooverider), as well as in the UK & in Belgium. In 2006 she relocated to http://jungletrain.net/ , where she’s still broadcasting her bi-weekly live show.

As an artist, Yorobi is quite versatile. Working as a DJ, a producer and visual artist, she draws influences from jungle and drum and bass as she has very firm roots in that scene, though it all but stops there. In her sets she incorporates all kinds of bass music related genres like juke, footwork, slowfast, dub, electro, half-time, hardcore, jungle tekno and more. Yorobi likes to operate on the left spectrum of bass music, weaving all kinds of genres and influences together because sonically they are all family and she loves eclectic coherent journeys when playing.

You can catch her live in various bars and clubs around Amsterdam, mainly at OT301, Hill Street Blues, Melkweg, Hunters Grand Café or an illegal rave somewhere outdoors. She can be found more and more around Europe these days. In 2019 she’s played in London for the legendary Rupture night as well as for a night called Deviate in Berlin, Grelle Forelle in Vienna and Membrain Festival in Sibenik

Though 2020 has seen a definite slowdown in live gigs, it also marked the year where there first two collabs from her and Tim Reaper came out, “Rhodiola” came out on 12” on the German Parallax Recordings and “Drum Tree” came out on 12” as part of a kickstarter back up to help launch South-
London based record shop and dubplate cutting house Disc World.

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